Snapper Point

Nexif Energy is developing a 154 MW gas turbine peaking power plant project located near Snapper Point at Outer Harbour on the Lefevre Peninsula about 22 km north-west of Adelaide, South Australia.

In August 2019, Nexif Energy entered into a long-term agreement with the Government of South Australia to lease and operate five (5) GE TM-2500 mobile aero-derivative gas turbines (each with 30.8 MW of net output). The turbines were relocated from their earlier location at the former Holden factory in Elizabeth, South Australia to the new Snapper Point power plant site. Construction commenced in Q4 2020 once all permits were obtained and the power plant commenced operations on 10 Jun 2022. Noise Management Plan and Community Engagement Plan for the project have been made available to the public. Environment Improvement Programme also has been approved.

Power from the project will be used to sell directly to the electricity market and to support the provisions of electricity off-take contracts from Nexif Energy’s existing 212 MW Lincoln Gap wind farm and its future 245 MW expansion.

Notification of commencement of overnight operations 4 December 2023

From 4 December 2023 Nexif Ratch will be commencing overnight operations of the Snapper Point Power Station. This follows the outcomes of acoustic testing, which demonstrated the effectiveness of the custom-built silencers installed earlier this year and bringing the turbines into compliance with the South Australian Environment Protection Authority’s Environment Protection (Commercial and Industrial Noise) Policy 2023.

The outcomes of the testing have been reviewed and accepted by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), and as a result, the EPA has given its endorsement of the provisional lifting of the overnight curfew. Therefore, overnight operations of the Snapper Point Power Station can now commence from 4 December 2023.

The noise environment in St Kilda and North Haven will continue to be monitored for a period of 6 weeks via unattended noise monitoring equipment located around St Kilda and North Haven. At the conclusion of this period, the data will be processed and provided to the EPA for further review and consideration. Operational records will be regularly provided to the EPA.

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